Sunday, December 24, 2017


西游记 is a story about a dysfunctional project team trying to complete a project.

唐三藏is the PM. The one who has been assigned the project and is tasked by the mgt to complete the job but don't have the technical skill to complete the project . He is best at chanting at his team mates to get things done.

孙悟空is the tech lead. He is legendary for his technical skill. Can do the 七十二变 but always run here and there to do everything except his f**king job.

沙憎is the most junior guy on the team. Always willing to help but has no freaking idea what to do and don't have the skills to get things done. In the end he is always given the mundane jobs.

The white horse is the 老鸟 who knows what is happening but always the one who sit one corner, shut his mouth and eat his grass. Doing his assigned job of carrying the stuff and nothing else. 

猪八戒is the more senior guy in the team. He has some skill but not as good as 孙悟空. However, he is always get left behind with the 老鸟(who is totally not interested to help) and the junior guy (who has no freaking idea what is happening) to figure out what to do because the PM got pulled away and the tech lead is running around doing god knows what. In the end, he get labelled for being incompetent because he had to solve issue above his pay scale with 2 team mates who are not of any help.

Morale of the story.

The horse has the best life because he do his job well and just keep quiet to get the job done, probably has the best worklife balance.

Don't be 猪八戒. The next most senior guy who don't have the power to solve the problem but always kena s**t from everyone. The most likely person to get burnt out first.