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50 Meals You Should Have Eaten If You Live In Perth

By Tessa Gallagher - 30 Sep 2015

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Piccolo's Corner | Image credit: Louise Coghill
It's no secret that here at The Urban List, we love our food—and we know you do too Perth! From delectable fine dining to the latest cafe openings and lust-worthy baked goods, Perth continues to astound us in all its culinary glory!

So we've come up with a (far from exhaustive) list of the 50 meals you downright should have eaten by now if you call our sunny city home! So are you neglecting your tastebuds, or are you a foodie with the finest of palates? Here’s 50 meals you should have eaten if you live in Perth. Side note: The below are in no particular order, picking a favourite would be harder than choosing a favourite child!
  1. Alfreds Pea and ham soup
  2. Voyage Kitchen Norma's Salsa
  3. The Garden Shoestring fries
  4. Subiaco Hotel Lamb pappardelle
  5. Piccolo’s Corner Smashed pumpkin breakfast
  6. May Street Larder Coco Whip
  7. Mrs S Croque madame
  8. Max & Sons Top Dup doughnut
  9. Cantina 663 Duck liver parfait
  10. Mary Street Bakery Salted caramel doughnut
  11. Hylin Acai bowl
  12. Chu Bakery Croissant
  13. Brika Slow-cooked lamb
  14. Flo Espresso Kimchi toastie
  15. Tuck Shop Cafe Beef pie
  16. Lucky Chan’s Laundry & Noodle Bar Danny Ramen
  17. Short Order Burger Co Bacon barbecue double cheeseburger
  18. Run Amuk Hotdogs The Punk hotdog
  19. Little Willys The brekky bagel
  20. Toastface Grillah Danny Zuccho
  21. Lalla Rookh Nonna’s meatballs
  22. Varnish on King The Bacon Flight
  23. Neighborhood Pizza Speck, pineapple and jalapeno pizza
  24. Duende Doughnut balls
  25. Ria Malay Kitchen Chinese shredded beef
  26. Low Key Chow House Mantou buns
  27. Gusto Gelato Apple pie gelato
  28. Perugino Anything from the dessert trolley
  29. Boucla Feta scrambled eggs
  30. Tropico Smashed avocado with lemon curd
  31. Little Creatures Frites
  32. Must Winebar Pan fried gnocchi
  33. Typika Beef benedict
  34. Hermosa Cronut
  35. Sprolo Traditional Singaporean Breakfast
  36. Northbridge Chinese Restaurant Yum Cha
  37. Bread in Common Woodfired organic bread
  38. Hong Kong BBQ House Roast pork
  39. The Re Store Continental roll
  40. Galileo Buona Cucina Gnocchi Al Pesto
  41. Rockpool Sirloin steak
  42. Balthazar Duck fat potatoes
  43. Print Hall Freshly shucked oysters
  44. Yelo Fruit toast
  45. Old Faithful Bar & BBQ Pulled pork
  46. Sherbet Cafe & Bake Shop Red velvet layer cake
  47. The Rose and Crown Sunday roast
  48. Barque Beef cheek massaman curry
  49. Cicerellos Fish and chips
  50. Gusto Food Home-made crumpets
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