Thursday, July 2, 2015

Swatch Sistem51 Officially Available In The United States

At Baselworld 2013 we gave you an exclusive hands-on look at the Swatch Sistem51, the 51-component mechanical watch completely assembled by machine. Since then, we have been asked regularly "when will I be able to buy one?" Well, today your wait is over (kind of). The Sistem51 is officially launching in the United States today with a pop-up shop at Swatch's Times Square store in New York City, with a second location appearing in San Francisco later this month. Here are all the details about how to get your hands on this $150 Swiss-made marvel.
Before we get into where you can buy one, here's a quick refresher on the Sistem51. As the name suggests, it has only 51 components including the mechanical movement. Everything is held together by a single central screw and the entire package is put together by machine – even the balance is regulated by machine. The movement is made of an anti-magnetic alloy called ARCAP, has 19 jewels, and boasts a 90 hour power reserve. Plus, the whole thing is 100% made is Switzerland. 
There are four colors of Sistem51 available – translucent blue, translucent red, white, and black, with three different dial configurations. The dials are meant to recall the Copernican Revolution, to which Swatch compares this revolution in watchmaking. Each has 19 "planets" or "bodies," symbolizing the 19 jewels in the movement. The hands as well as the dots in the bezel are luminous for reading in the dark.
For the past few months, the Sistem51 has only been available in Switzerland, but as of July 1 Swatch is officially launching the Sistem51 in the United States. This kicks off with a pop-up Sistem51 shop inside the Swatch store in Times Square in New York City (1528 Broadway) and a second pop-up will open in San Francisco on July 8th at 101 Grant Street (Grant & Geary). The watches go on sale at 9:51am on the opening date of each location.
Online sales and national distribution at Swatch boutiques will begin later this summer, so you'll either have to head to one of the coasts for now or wait a little longer. The Sistem51 will retail for $150.
For more, visit Swatch online.

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