Monday, March 26, 2012

5 tips to maintain work-life balance

Here are 5 easy tips that will help you make sure you’ve straighten your priorities in life.
1: Understand your value and your priorities in life
Don’t anchor your sense of personal worth to your workplace success, as many who are just starting out in their careers do. Set realistic goals, priorities and set time estimates to make sure you don’t pursue work at the expense of other areas of life – family, friends, health, and even recreation.
By learning how to manage work before work manages you, you will come out on top. And if you do make mistakes, don’t beat yourself up over it. Everyone makes mistakes; treat each mistake as a worthy learning experience rather than failure. Failing in one thing does not make you a failure in life.
Above all, keep in mind that it’s not how late you stay in the office that matters, but the quality of your work.
2: Manage stress positively
De-stress, not distress. Being too stressed can result in lowered productivity. Rest and good sleep are two important factors that ensure you’re functioning at your most optimum level in the day, whether outside or in the office.
If you find yourself too stressed or anxious in front of the computer, then take a moment away from work to do some exercising, deep-breathing exercises or even watch a short comedy routine. If that doesn’t work, remember that ‘stressed’ is really just ‘desserts’ spelled backwards!
3: Keep moving, stay healthy and avoid substance abuse
A healthy body is the most effective weapon that you can have against the corporate zombie threat. If you haven’t exercised since the olden days of yore, start slow by inserting some form of physical activity into your daily routine like climbing the stairs.
Maintaining a balanced diet is also vital to mental strength. Watch what and when you eat it and choose healthier food options. Remember this mantra when you eat out: less salt, less gravy, more vegetables, and snack on fruits instead of junk food.
Above all, avoid using harmful and addictive substances as a crutch to. These substances may provide temporary relief but plague you for life, robbing you of time, money, and health.
4: Shoot the moon with your friends
Cultivate close, positive relationships with your family and friends with whom you can easily share your happiness or pent-up woes. Not only does sharing ease any burdens or stress you might be facing, you can also get encouragement, words of wisdom or even just feel-good feelings that can give you that much-needed boost to tackle that looming workload at your desk.
5: Plan your finances
The glooming spectre of financial ruin can compel one to work longer and harder. Whether it is to erase credit card debt or maintain that expensive car, money is one of the main factors of undue stress.
Learn how to manage your expenses and understand the distinction between wants and needs. By crafting a long-term financial plan, you can be assured that you do not become a slave to money and therefore, maintain the state of your mental health.

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