Monday, January 23, 2012

A quarrel between several China tourists and local Hong Kong residents on a subway train

A video clip which shows a quarrel between several China tourists and local Hong Kong residents on a subway train has unexpectedly became an Internet hit recently. A Beijing University professor does not like the bitchfight and has commented online with harsh words. The professor thinks that Hong Kong people are mostly running dogs of the British, and they are bastards for not speaking Mandarin language. The incident has became a serious ‘culture clash’ between Hong Kong and the mainland China …
A video of a quarrel between China tourists caught snacking on the Hong Kong subway train with local passengers has burnt up the internet. The video was uploaded to Youtube several days ago and it has racked up half a million views, and a few hundred thousand more on various video sites in China. The video records a war of words between two groups after some angry Hongkongers tried to stop a Chinese kid for eating snack on the train, speaking in Cantonese. Eating in the carriage is not allowed in Hong Kong, but the mother of the kid has ignored the regulations and quarrel with the passenger with Mandarin. The dispute ended after a subway employee intervened.

A Beijing University professor, who is the 73rd generation descendant of Confucius and a member of Communist Party, has criticized the quarrel. Hongkonger has insulted by the professor, been accused of not a humane but dogs. He insists Chinese people who speak different dialects should speak in Mandarin instead, those who refuse to speak are bastards. He even said many Hongkongers are thieves, lack of moral and use whatever they can to cheat money from the mainlander. The harsh words have increased the anger of Hong Kongers. Fury starts to build up on facebook and a protest will be organized soon to demand an apology from the Confucius’ professor.

Meanwhile, youtube has started to pull down the video with English translation, the original Chinese version still widespread in China. Obviously, the “culture clash” between Hong Kong and China is based on the level of civilization and language communication. There is no denying that the manners and etiquette of some China tourists do not meet the standards of many modern cities. But poor manners are considered only a nuisance. Their real gripe comes from the fact that greater spending power enjoyed by many China people has touched the Hong Konger’s self-esteem in some way and affect their quality of life. It was a loss of pride that prompted Hong Kong people to take on the street to protest against D&G for not allowing the locals to take photos of its shop front. The latest harsh comments from the China professor will certainly level-up the racial disputes between Hong Kong and China.

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