Monday, March 7, 2011

My Visit to Oriental Hair Solutions

This morning I went to the Oriental Hair Solutions at the Ngee Ann City for the 5 in 1 Herbal Scalp and Hair Therapy.  I am happy with the therapy and treatment, the effects looks promising.  However, I can't say that I'm impressed by the consultant.

The trial starts with a health questionnaire that I had to fill in.  Then I had the consultant to tell me things that I already knew, and some I had provided the answers in the questionnaire.  She then proceed to show me the pictures of my scalp and there were plenty of dandruff and how oily and sensitive my scalp was.  After that, it was pretty much sales talk and how their treatment can help me.  Showing more pictures of other customer with their before and after treatment effects.  When I asked about whether my hair were thinning or is my hair line receding.  She asked me if I think my hair is thinning or dropping.  Huh?  I thought it would be good if she of check on me or do something more professional, instead of asking for my observations.  I'm asking because I wanted your professional views.  Not my observations.

The entire treatment lasted about 80 mins.  Starting with some high frequency machines breaking down all my dandruff.  Not sure if it is useful but the consultant recommended that I should do that before the treatment.  So this is something outside of the trial, and it costs an additional $40.  It lasted less than 5 minutes though.  I'm wondering if it's all worthwhile.

Then another lady took over the consultant to continue my treatment.  The consultant took flight as if she was busy.  But I happened to be the only customer there.  First, I had the Scalp peeling mask, followed by wrapping my head up and connect it with some machine again.  This time round, it was supposed to be providing my scalp with more oxygen.  Man, this thing is really hot!  It's steaming my hair.  After 20 minutes, I went for a herbal wash to remove the mask.  That felt really good.  Finally, it ended with applying some hair tonic with a good scalp massage.

The consultant again took some pictures of my scalp after the treatment to show me the effects.  I am pleased, but not enough to entice me to sign on a package.  She continued to tell me that I would need at least another 10 session to get my scalp to be cleaned.  When I asked her if that would be all that's required, she told me that I had to 'do maintenance' and to keep on coming back.

Huh? It's not that cheap, and I don't think I would want to sign the package now.  Anyway, I paid $62+ for what is supposed to be a $18 trial.  Thanks for the trial, and I'm glad that I took leave to give it a try.  I would recommend others to give the $18 first trial a try, without the promotion, I thought it was just expensive.

Here is the link to the Herbal Scalp and Hair Therapy

Here are some of my thoughts on the therapy. 

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