Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Raising Digital Kids - iPad: The Latest Gadget

Interesting video about using the iPad to raise our kids in this digital age...

The Magical Digital Picture Frame by NIX

NIX present a range of Motion-Sensing Digital Picture Frames that automatically turn on when you're there, and off when you're not. No longer will Digital Picture Frames sit idle across the homes of America. NIX frames save energy, capture attention, and provide businesses with cost-effective Digital Signage. NIX Digital Picture Frames enter the age of the sensored environment.

The quality makers of Digital Picture Frames, NIX, have just released their latest range of Digital Picture Frames, known as Hu-Motion™ frames (Human Motion). In the new age of a sensored environment where tech increasingly reacts to you and not the other way around, the Hu-Motion™ frame provides the ultimate in convenience by simply turning on when it senses you nearby and off when it senses no movement. The amount of time the frame allows for no movement before switching off can be set from one second to twenty-four hours (down to the second).

Across the USA millions of frames sit idle in the homes of parents and grandparents, recipients of well intention gifts. The traditional Digital Picture Frame often proved to be another dust-gathering gadget that became a chore to go around turning on and off every day. So NIX took this on board and produced something that didn't require any operation beyond the set up.

Around the home the Hu-Motion™ frame has found additional uses. Such as the ability to leave video messages for family members on the frame that get played when the frame senses them come home. People even leave video messages for their pets to keep them company whilst home alone!

As well as home use the Hu-Motion™ frame has increasingly found its way into the commercial world. Hospitals have been stationing the Hu-Motion™ frame by toilet exits, when the frame senses someone exiting it reminds them to wash their hands. Factories station the Hu-Motion™ frame in areas and by equipment to remind people of strict Standard Operational Procedures. Store managers are placing the Hu-Motion™ frame in strategic store areas, where a human activated frame is a better attention grabber.

The NIX Hu-Motion™ Digital Picture Frame comes in two models. The 8" size which also features a rechargeable battery for portability and the much larger 12" model.

  • Hu-Motion Motion Sensor for your ultimate convenience - no more hands!
  • 8" model features a (replaceable) Rechargeable Battery for Portability (3hrs)
  • Hi-Res 800 x 600 pixel SVGA LED backlit LCD Screen (4:3 ratio)
  • Amazing Auto-Resizing re-sizes photos to optimal size fitting up to 16000 Photos on a 2GB internal memory
  • NIX 'Azure Blue' Touch Controls on Obsidian Black Frame, 2 x 2W Speakers
  • Auto Rotate Sensor
  • Remote Control
  • Photo (jpeg)
  • Video (MP4)
  • Music (MP3)
  • SDHC, SD, xD, Sony MS & USB Flash Drive Slots
  • Hook Holes for wall mounting

Android 3 Tablets – iPad Killers?

Acer chief executive Gianfranco Lanci seems to be confident that Android 3 powered tablets are the only answer to the iPad. The company even decided to delay the launch of its Android-based tablets until April 2011 just to make sure that when Acer’s puppies are out, all the proper optimizations are built in its tablets.

Acer’s CEO even admitted that Apple hit the “sweet spot” with the iPad, thanks to its screen size and its intuitive operating system – but he strongly believes that new Android 3 based tablets will be able to fight back: “If I look at Apple, they influence the market on one side, but there is always room for improvement on the other side. [...] Take iPad – when they came out it was without Flash and with certain limitations. With Android products we will fix that. Talking about screen resolution and even in terms of touch, view angles – there are a lot of things where you still have big room for differentiation or improvement compared to Apple.”

Acer’s CEO also acknowledged that Android 2 was not a good answer to the iPad, as even the newest edition, dubbed Gingerbread (aka 2.3), wasn’t meant to power any decent tablet: “Now you can have Gingerbread on a tablet, but we [read Acer] are not convinced it is the right solution.”

Meanwhile, Acer is also working on Chrome OS based tablets, planned to be released sometime next year. Between Chrome OS and Android, it looks like Google is still behind when it comes to powering tablet-like devices, a lag that must rejoice most engineers in Cupertino, CA.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Floorplans and Brochures of Sitex 2010

The floorplans and brochures for the event are out on hardwarezone tech show portal.


Check it regularly, as there are more updates coming soon!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad: Compare For Yourself

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. iPadThe Android vs. Apple battle has officially made its way into the world of tablets.

Samsung took the wraps off its new Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet on Thursday. The Galaxy Tab is a 7-inch slate built to complete with the current tablet king, Apple's thus-far-unchallenged iPad.
Sure, there have been a couple other Android tablets on the market already (see Streak, Dell), but the Galaxy Tab is the first that truly qualifies as a contender.

Samsung Galaxy Tab*According to manufacturers' estimatesSo how exactly does Samsung's Galaxy Tab differ from the iPad? Check out this comparison chart for a side-by-side glimpse at the two devices' specs and see for yourself. (Click image to zoom.)

In a nutshell, the Galaxy Tab is smaller and lighter (though rumors suggest a couple of larger editions will debut before the year's end). It has the same speed processor but twice the RAM. Like the iPad, the Galaxy Tab comes with different options for internal storage. It also, however, supports up to 32GB of expandable storage; Apple's device is limited to the internal space only.

The Galaxy Tab has two cameras -- a rear-facing 3.2-megapixel camera and a front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera for video chatting -- while the current models of the iPad have none. Samsung claims up to 7 hours of video playback for the Galaxy Tab; Apple says its iPad can last up to 10 hours.

In terms of software, the Galaxy Tab's Android 2.2 operating system gives the device a number of selling points Apple's iPad can't claim, including full-featured multitasking, support for Adobe Flash, and unrestricted access to applications (Apple is notorious for censoring all sorts of material -- ranging from political satire to swimsuit-clad women -- and also for banning apps that provide functions such as free tethering and customization of the operating system).

Samsung's Galaxy Tab is set to launch in Europe within the next few weeks, then in the U.S. shortly thereafter. Pricing and carrier information for the States is not yet available, though rumors suggest the Galaxy Tab could end up on Verizon.

JR Raphael is a PCWorld contributing editor and the author of the Android Power blog. You can find him on Facebook, on Twitter, or at eSarcasm, his geek-humor getaway.

Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) also announced the price plans for the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  This eagerly anticipated mobile multimedia device (MMD) is available only through SingTel from 13 Nov 2010.

Mobile plans 3G Flexi Lite 3G Flexi 3G Flexi Plus
Galaxy Tab price $538 $298 $0
Monthly Subscription $39.00 $56.00 $95.00
Free Local Data 12GB 12GB 12GB
Free Local Outgoing Calls (anytime) 100 mins 200 mins 500 mins
Free Local SMS 500 500  500
Free Value-Added Services Caller-ID,* AutoRoam,* VoiceMail,*
Multi-party Conference Call,
Overseas Missed Call Alert, SMS Plus*
Free AMPed Unlimited song downloads with no data charges
Free 180 days
MobileTV Basic Pack+
Channels include CNA, Bloomberg TV, ETTV Asia, Dragon TV, Channel 8.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to fix the problem of 'waiting' icon on iPod/iPad

Here is how to fix the problem of the never-ending white "waiting..." icon.

1. Press the power button and HOLD IT DOWN, for a long long time. A new screen appears that says "Slide to power off" with a slider.

2.  Slide it. Now your iPod/iPad is truly turned off (instead of the normal sleep-mode type "off")

3.  Reboot it just by pressing the power button again.

Bye bye to the waiting icon.

It worked for me.  Give it a try.  :D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

RollerGen Battery BOS

Convenient, portable power source named BOS for its shape: like a Bar-Of-Soap. Enabled by the latest generation battery technology. Compatible with all electronic devices via USB.
When you stop riding, you take the BatteryBOS with you. Never miss an opportunity because of uncharged devices.
  • Fully charged in 4-5 miles of riding. Charges at an amazing 30 watts! Required to handle the huge RollerGen dyno output levels. This is the magic – very small, yet very high power.
  • Dual high-current USB outputs put out a combined 4.0 amps at 5V! USB-1&2 is just 0.5 amps, and soon-to-be-released USB-3 only goes to 0.9 amps. BOS’s high current provides more than enough power for today’s and tomorrow’s devices.
  • Take advantage of higher amperage by connecting a USB hub and charge multiple devices at once. High capacity 15 watt-hours will fill up multiple gadgets before running out.
  • A bright LED light comes in handy in the dark, so we included it.
Battery full indicator and disable slide switch. No accidental discharging because the “on” button was leaned against.

 Remember to check out the website on the RollerGen Power System.

Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13 is an American science fiction television series that premiered on July 7, 2009 on the Syfy network. The series follows United States Secret Service Agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) when they are assigned to the government's secret Warehouse 13, which houses supernatural "artifacts".

"The inventiveness of the gadgetry and the wild sense of humor that sneaks into the show give it the potential to develop into an adventure that's both funny and exciting."  --Slant Magazine

I'm totally agreeable to that.  I like the show very much.  Wished I was an agent at warehouse 13. lol.

So You Want To Start A Web Startup?

Do watch the video.  It's so hilarious.  lol.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Microsoft Kinect Gutted: Four Microphones, Two Cameras, And One Very Important Fan

Microsoft Kinect Gutted: Four Microphones, Two Cameras, And One Very Important FanOh my! When the folks at iFixit tore down a Microsoft Kinect they found a strong little fan among the many, many sensors. They suspect that Microsoft's a bit paranoid about heat dissipation after the Xbox 360's red-ring-of death problems.
If you're curious about what's inside this sleek little gadget, here's a summary courtesy of iFixit:
* Four microphones. Four! We've taken apart binaural devices before, but this is our first quadaural sensor setup!
* Three autofocus cameras: Two infrared cameras optimized for depth detection. One standard visual-spectrum camera used for visual recognition.
* An IR transmitting diode.
* A fan. For a 12-watt device, Microsoft seems very paranoid about heat dissipation. This is understandable considering the Xbox 360's red-ring-of death problems. This is a good thing for consumers, but we can't help but wonder if they've gone overboard in the cooling department.
* 64 MB of Hynix DDR2 SDRAM
* A motor. This motor is nothing to write home about. It's quite tiny. Diminutive, even. So tiny that you might want to make sure you keep Kinect out of your toddler's reach, because forcing it to pan could damage the gears.
* A three-axis accelerometer. We suspect this is used to increase the accuracy of the panning motor.
* A Prime Sense PS1080-A2. Kinect is based on Prime Sense's motion detection technology. This chip is the Kinect's brains-all the sensors are wired into here for processing before transmitting a refined depth map and color image to the Xbox.
Want to know more or see the step-by-step teardown? Hit the iFixit link for the gadget gore photos or check out the look we took inside the Kinect a while ago. [iFixit]