Saturday, April 11, 2009

miShare iPod Content Share Device

I supposed there are hundreds or even thousands of accessories revolving around iPods but never would imagine this! The miShare iPod Transfer System makes sharing files between iPods easy. Simply attach 2 iPods, slide the setting to music, video, or photo, and start transferring. Share music, family videos, or podcasts with friends and family members.

miShare is a personal publishing device for sharing your own media, including videos and photos, any time and anywhere. miShare strictly honors all digital rights management (DRM), including purchases from Apple's iTunes. miShare does not unlock DRM. Locked DRM files are copied to the disk area of the target iPod, for fresh authorization with a valid password. iTunes purchases can be authorized for multiple computers and iPods. Load up your iPod with vacation photos, family videos, even your own audio recordings, and then you can share your content directly to other iPods using miShare. miShare also goes beyond iTunes to help you manage music, photos, and videos across multiple iPods.

The miShare connects between your iPods like a bridge. Just attach two iPods, slide miShare's on-switch to music, video or photo, and press miShare's only button. You decide whether you copy the song or video that was last played through to its end, or a pre-defined photo folder. Give the miShare button a longer press (three seconds) and it will copy a collection of files. miShare uses the On-The-Go playlist for multiple songs simply create an On-The-Go playlist on the source iPod by selecting by song, artist, album, or even playlist. miShare works with all Mini, Nano, 3G, 4G, Video (5G), and Classic (6G) iPod models, and miShare's own internal software can be updated with future downloads from miShare does not work with Shuffle models (or the original 1G and 2G iPods) since they lack the iPod's standardized 30-pin dock connector. miShare does not currently work with the iPhone or iPod Touch (firmware upgrades will be expected soon that will allow this).

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